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Moral dilemma/issue

Moral dilemma/issue


Currently being the plant supervisor in one with the Company’s 3 crops, my manager educated me that the corporation must lay off eighty personnel. Thankfully, my position place just isn’t at risk. Even so, you will find rumors circulating in regards to the layoff, and Mary, comes about to become my greatest mate who is also a employee with the plant is curious and asks me if the plant is closing and no matter if she’ll be affected.

The problem

Really should I disclose the information to Mary or should I keep it solution? Within this precise scenario there is certainly an ethical situation within the conflict among a set of ethical values: loyalty and honesty. Am caught in the middle of deciding upon concerning being faithful to the firm and remaining trustworthy and open to my mate.

Assessment Applying Moral Theories

A single method which i can apply can use to produce my choice is the utilitarian or teleological solution. Utilitarianism is often a normative ethical concept that emphasizes on ideal and incorrect exclusively to the outcomes of selecting just one action above other steps. Hence, the theory moves further than the scope of one’s passions and prioritizes the pursuits of other individuals. The theory involves one particular to guage the results to every person, and judge which preference will yield the greatest great for your greatest number of individuals. According to the utilitarian ethical theory, an act is ethically suitable if it provides the greatest general benefit to society (Rachels, 1999; Schumann, 2001). Utilitarianism regards the welfare of any person as no more or less essential as the welfare of any other particular person, nonetheless it would not presume that all folks should be treated similarly. In such a case, I must choose immediately after looking at the advantages and negatives of each and every alternative for all people. Utilitarianism focuses on ends expected to carrying out those ends, and considers the present and foreseeable future harms and benefits that arise or may well crop up to anybody which is influenced because of the motion (Schumann, 2001).

Having said that, utilitarianism isn’t going to satisfactorily respect personal legal rights. Also, the theory is incredibly demanding, in virtue of actually imposing on individuals moral obligations which are much stricter than numerous people assume are fair (Trevino, 2003). Revealing confidential data to my buddy will indeed influence my standing while in the corporation, as well as expense me my career. Having said that, I have to look at what effect my selection can make don’t just on mine or Mary’s task, nevertheless the consistent prosperity on the numerous other stakeholders. For illustration, if I choose notify Mary with regard to the layoffs, after which you can the boss may possibly go through negative implications, for instance loss of efficiency owing to time spent talking about the issue with other workers. In the same way, the organization can be impacted by lack of productivity by staff members or unfavorable business publicity. Being a result, organization could have to be shut, and for that reason, much more personnel shedding their positions.

When more people turn into unemployed, it will eventually even have a a lot more destructive effects around the local community by influencing its economic system. Alternatively, if I decide to tell Mary, then her well-being is going to be terribly impacted and that of many of the other staff members that eliminate their positions unexpectedly. Also, if it turned recognised which i had progress warning about the layoffs and chose to not expose that expertise, the remaining personnel will drop rely on in me as their supervisor and come to be considerably less productive.


Ethical choice happens in scenarios that require a predicament amongst conflicting programs of beliefs plus the person should make a decision to comply with certainly one of them. Each and every system of beliefs can provide as specifications for ethical reasoning and judgment. Thus, each individual decision the individual can make on a ethical concern could possibly be reasoned by and based upon some type of logic depending on an ethical theory or ethical concept.


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