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Vote By IP is a polling system that aims to be as open and transparent as possible. In essence, people who vote on any of the surveys that are created through this service are limited to casting only one vote. That restriction is imposed by limiting the number of times they can vote based on their IP addresses. One IP address equals to one vote. It is impossible to vote on a survey more than once from the same address. And since the identity of users is determined automatically, they are not required to log in or register in any way or the other.

The surveys created through this site can be rated according to four different quality factors: likeness, fairness, importance and funniness. And once you have them, the results can be easily included on your site or blog for people to have something to talk about.

Vote By IP is a free service. You will be able to create as many surveys as you want, and use them to fuel conversations and discussions among all your users.


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