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Video Chat for Better Online Communication

Based on statistic survey as reported at  [] shown that around 444.8 % of growth of world internet usage and its around 28.7% of penetration of population.

Nowadays, people are separated by distance to their family, friends. We can say that its won’t be easy to be always in touch. Its before, and now everything just changed somehow much better since development of chat messenger which audio video available. Its given ideas of real live conversation.

Its a lot of chat application available, and let us review some of them as on [] have reported.

1. Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger has tons of features that let you customize your messenger and chat nonstop. Along-side the standard text communication, you can enjoy emoticons, file sharing, voice and video chat, and much more. You can create your own space on MSN Spaces where you can set up your own blog, online profile, friend contacts, music lists and more.

2.Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice has many features that set it above other video IM software programs. Yahoo! Gives enhanced video calling quality making it easy to see your friends in full screen while you are talking to them. Keeping up to date with your friends is easier than it was before with the ability to receive updates through Flickr, Twitter and more.

Yahoo fans will love Yahoo! Messenger and its complete set of features for online communication.

3.Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk Messenger, with the 10-way voice and video chat feature you can talk to up to ten people at a time individually or in a group session. If you need more, you can also create a free chat room that has the ability to hold up to 200 people.

To find the chat room of your choice, you can search by topic, language or by keyword. You can also choose to turn adult content on or off. People from around the world join in Paltalk’s chat rooms. Meeting someone new is as easy as clicking a button.

4. ooVoo

ooVoo is a high quality video chat IM software service which will provide you with the ability to talk to your family and friends with a few simple clicks. The downside of ooVoo is that for the best service you and your contact both need ooVoo. For more information on online video chat IM software, make sure to read some of our top ranked reviews.

So its may your turn to give a try of them. Happy chatting!

-Tenaya Santika-

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