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Where Do You Want To Go Migration ?

Before we go forward, let us think once the reason that we must do migration ? Based on what have reported on [] there are some reason:

1. Financially Secure Future
Compare to the place we living now, its must be something that make you mind move to these decision. Unless, its may something that you dream on for financially secure.

2. High Standard of Living
We can say we love our place, our country, in the end we would like to think of do its give something that we required. When a place become something that you won’t live in, its may one thing that you have to migrate. Human Right said, people have their right to be in happy, freedom as far its not a crime.

3. Education
High class of education is one thing that become reason as family, or individual to migrate. In the future, its one that next generation have will be better value.

How about the best place to migration?
Source on: [] 1. Canada
With its free health care, and low crime rate become one favorite.

2. Japan
Developed economy so that easily find job. Its all about food in machine make us interested of everyday technology.

3. Euro Area
Since a lot to do, a place that can give us cheap vacation. Travel in many destination.

Still lot of reason, and lot of places where we can go migration based on our interest. Before think of migration, don’t you think that we still a person with nationalism of which country we belong now?? Just be your honest, you are free to go wherever you want to. Its your world and have a happy life!

-Tenaya Santika-

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