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Cheapest 3G Mobile Handsets in India

3G auction is on the way. Post auction ,successful operators will  try to roll out services as soon as possible. The process  has begun and  all would be waiting desperately to experience 3G.Though 3G is already there in the market as MTNL & BSNL are already offering 3G services. MTNL is offering  3G in Mumbai & Delhi and BSNL is offering it in more than 380 cities of India. But both the companies failed to make the presence felt and many people may not be aware of the fact that 3G is already available in the market.

Thought of comparing cheaper 3G handset options in India and found many options in Rs.4500 – Rs.10000 range. Cheapest 3G handset is Nokia 2730,but the problem with this handset is it doesn’t have video calling feature.

Nokia 2730 (Rs 4,650/-)Everything is good with this phone except absence of video calling feature. It’s a 3G phone and can be  used for high speed internet on Mobile. Even MTNL & BSNL Mobile TV doesn’t run on it. So if you want to go for only high speed internet and can sacrifice video calling and Mobile TV, can go for it.

Samsung C5130 (Rs 5,200/-)It’s a slider phone with 1.3 Megapixel camera and has both front and back camera. Front camera is a VGA camera. This handset supports video calling.

Sony Ericsson Naite (Rs 5,999/-)This phone has Front and back camera and thus supports video calling. The primary camera is of 2 megapixel.

Samsung L700 (Rs 6,700/-) This phone too supports video calling and is a 3G phone. But Mobile store promoter intimated that this phone is discontinued.

Nokia 5232 (Rs.8299/-)3G phone ,camera 2megapixel,upto 8GB external memory

Nokia 5230 (Rs.8500/-)It’s a touch-screen phone, having document viewer, Photo editor etc.

Nokia 3120 Classic (Rs.7130/-)

Sony T715 (Rs.8709/-)

Samsung Corby 3G (Rs.9729/-)

Samsung Metro 3G(Rs.8240/-)

Samsung Star 3G (Rs. 9689/-)

If you are willing to spend in the range of Rs.9000-Rs.10000,then can go for Samsung corby 3G or Samsung star 3G.The good thing about these two phones is that these are 3.5 G(HSDPA) enabled and supports speed up-to 7.2Mbps.With these phones and with HSDPA service one can get speed up-to 3.6 Mbps. Another good part in these two phones is big screen, which gives great video calling and Mobile TV viewing experience.

– Tenaya Santika-

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