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BPO on the Cloud

Cloud Computing is nothing but providing Information Technology (IT) related components such as computing, storage, network bandwidth, security, platforms and software as a service. It is considered to be a cost effective method, because you need not pay upfront a hefty amount and you will pay for what you use.

Simple Analogy to Cloud Computing
I am sure we are all not new to the idea of pay per use, i.e., utility model, we have been using electricity, telephone, mobile phones in the utility mode and the government & telecom providers have invested a lot in building the infrastructure to provide best services to you. In the similar way, Cloud Providers like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Gogrid and Google have invested a lot and created the infrastructure to be used by end users like us.

Cloud Computing Solves:
Cloud Computing is going to change the way we compute soon. It is important for the developers to understand that many problems that we currently face like application not scaling, database reached maximum number of concurrent connections, and single server deployment are being addressed by Cloud Computing. From a business perspective you will not be required to invest on your IT infrastructure immediately with a huge CAPEX rather you can invest as your business goes on an OPEX model.

Now, how does a BPO benefit using Cloud Computing?

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