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Adby.Me – Another Advertising Platform

A brand-new (and very original) advertising platform, Adby.Me makes for the social streaming of ads. Through the site, people can choose exactly which ads they want to share with their social contacts. And the actual process in which ads are spread around involves adding slogans to them.

That is, if you want to share an ad about Pepsi you can include a slogan in which you profess your loving for the drink, and have it streamed to all the social sites that you want by copying and pasting the ad link that will be produced.

And once the ad has been published, your reward will come in the shape of a gift card for Amazon.

So, this is the first platform in which ads are spread by copywriting them. It is a different concept for sure, and one that will work best when the copywriter has a homogeneous network, IE a list of social contacts bound by the same common interests. That will ensure a much better reception of the ads being shared.

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