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Study and Travel in India

In year of 2015  around 1000 Indonesian Student study and travelling in India

There are lot of place where we would like to study, and if you like to have experience in abroad to learn new culture, improve your English, and the last with small budget as like as we study at our country. India, will be your list India as one of Asia, main power and its culture have attracted lot of foreigner either to study and travelling.

It was on 2007 when I got ICCR Scholarships to study in India, for Master in Computer Application. Well thought what I knew about India is just IT, or Mumbai with its Bollywood. Three years completed, India is more than what I have thought before. Dearest friends whose would like to know more information can contact through ICCR Regional Indonesia, in Jakarta, Medan, Bali, and Jogjakarta or check on website “Scholarships by Indian Council For Cultural Relations”.

Its may long time story, and now just would like to shared about Study in India is one option to have experience not only in knowledge and its chance to travelling. Incredible India as brand of Indian Tourism really got respond. With many populations, it is about 64 states and 16 national languages. The most interesting are they still keep actively on their local languages then followed by Hindi, and English as the second languages. Its one of the power of India, become another super-power country in another five years.

My experience not that much good compared in degree in the past time. Anyhow experience of being in touch with friends whose in good IT company or even own their company, make me learnt something more than what we have learn in classroom. Overall, study is not about attended the class, pass on the exam and got graduation. As for my experience, study in India is a new chance for me being a traveller and travel around India with surely small budget, and as for information all city in India, connected on railway, instead of road, or air.

Let we think quite on vision, budget to study in India we can say even cheaper than what we have in our country. Only the things is, we can’t have any part time job even to being student here as we holding Student VISA. Overall, if you like to full-time student in any great university in India, you may have lot of option. Wondering, when President come to India in the future keep hoping that he will agree to bring about 1000 student to study in India in 2015. It is not just a dream on sleeping night. It is lot of studies area which is Indonesia don’t have yet. Therefore, how former President Soekarno have did with his lovely friend, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in the past, hope we can make it shine on once again. We may learn the pain of our history in the past and only forgiven to be celebrate. Overall India and Indonesia is a family. As India, welcome us Indonesian. Let us, invite Indian to study in Indonesia more and more in future.

Tenaya Santika
ICCR – Sponsorships 2007
University of Mysore – Karnataka – India

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