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Social Networking Site in Iran and China and It’s Cyber War to Facebook

Social Networking Site which allowed us to keep update our status to friends, family likes Facebook, Twitter, or Orkut which familiar in the world sometimes got banned in several country or even in most of company. Two countries likes Iran, and China which quite anti with those A-product have started new innovation of another sequel of social networking site.

In China, three the most are,
First:* is the leading social network. It began as a Facebook clone called – which means ‘on campus’ in Chinese*
Second:* and typically come from a “first tier city.” and popular among people who work for multinational companies, ad agencies and other white collar companies. Accordingly, the site is valuable because of its relatively wealthy user base.*
Third: *, mostly used by people who live in “lower tier cities” and even rural areas.*
Details please refer to: chinatop3sns
We can say here that those three site provided different target of customer if we’re talk about business side.

Let we move to Iran, do we think is there any social networking site here? We have to find wisely, as government censorships keep moving as people posting something online. As we review on current news about launched of new social networking site by Iranian named ** more details can be refer to article). 
Overall, government censorships is the most challenge for both country, as they are grow faster in development as well. If you’re thinking wisely, what happen on those countries must be different with us. Overall, keep connecting with friends can be happen in many ways.

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