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Roemah Indonesia

Roemah Indonesia

Namaste India,

Its has been long time relationships between India and Indonesia, as we may still remember how we got both of our freedom ?
1945 & 1947 – its just difference 2 years – days as well, we can say this is a sign of Good Luck!

Would like to know more about Indonesia in India, please refer to Roemah Indonesia and what is going on every moment here.

“The Ultimate in Diversity becomes the spirit of Indonesians. Consisting of more than 17,000 islands which lie along the equator, Indonesia has a wide range of cultures. Every culture has its own uniqueness and deserves to be appreciated.

We are pleased to share the diversity of Indonesian cultures with friends in our home. Roemah Indonesia is the first Indonesian Cultural Center in India founded by Roemah Indonesia Society on 10 October 2010. Based in three cities New Delhi, Gujarat and Hyderabad, this center aims to be a home for various activities to promote Indonesian culture worldwide.

Many events will be held such as Indonesian traditional music performance, dance recital, puppet show,and movie screening.

Roemah Indonesia will also hold several workshops on Bahasa (Indonesian language) and Batik painting. You can visit our collection store as well to get your own Indonesian traditional merchandises.

We also invite you to experience the taste of Indonesia in our café while reading the Indonesian literature or sharing your thought about Indonesia within the community. Through the coffee table and small conversation in Roemah Indonesia ,we hope to create a warm community on understanding Indonesian culture.”

-Tenaya Santika-

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