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The Lost Mobile Phone & Bhagavad Gita Journey

Have you been lost something on your life..Its tough to say maybe isn’t. Well we can say that mobile phone like ground nuts as time pass on train. Where ever we go, someone may brought their lovely ones. Can’t imagine daily routine without it.

Hmm, what i would like to say will be around MOBILE PHONE. Its may not so much luxury ones like young people carry, its just likes THROWN product. It with me when i was in New Delhi, several month ago. MEMORY external for 4GB is something that may i can do later for my DREAMS. My brother gave me luxury ones before and its was gone on PURI humidity. There may some memory that we can’t find again. They have been with me. There may a feeling that we can repeat it back. If only we knew the future, we may won’t go for it. I am not. Thought i used to against the future.

The story is:
Yesterday when my journey bus to railway station in Mysore. “Eh my mobile!”, i quite shouting and a young man around 32 came back after get down in bus stop at station. Then i just tried to check on bus, thought they wont permit it since they on their journey. My eyes was into a person whose just get down suddenly, so i asked him quite rude. Ups he got angry! He was not the person, may his groups.
There is one upset thing that as a runner, how i’m thinking that i can’t catch the auto whose take him [the thief] or may i’m quite weak for it.

If only i didn’t see those POLICE over there.. Still on my mind, how i was depend to others when i can do it? Thought my father mindset won’t go till now ‘don’t fight!’ Shall i let it goo..

As usual, we did complain and silence words as replied. Its doesn’t mean that i hate them..anyhow without them its may unlimited crime will be there. THOUGHT instead of complain of them, at least we have help them to track the GANG which may around in Mysore right now. Crime scene was perfect still on my mind, when THE THIEF waiting my return to get down, and suddenly he get down even he won’t before.

Thought i don’t know how my parents used to tell me to pray before go somewhere.. anyhow that time i forgot to do it! Anyhow nobody knows it will happen like this. However this is a GANG that really systematic. What they did, may a lesson that i keep remember. Its doesn’t mean that we have to afraid to BUS or TRAIN or any PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Its just, sometimes we must share our GOOD LUCK to others. Afterward, i remember what my mom told me: “When we lost something, one day we will have better than this” Remember her words when i was kid, make me smile a while. Thought i missed the train while do argue with POLICE in front of station. Its just around 10 minutes. Another person whose lost his stuff was second mobile for him which just he purchased around one month.

I tried to forget it..and start reading and studying for OR BOOK. Its nothing happened. My mind won’t be easy to accept it yet. Its looks like tragedy which happened in my hometown. We can’t forget it..its just try to forgive!

Well train just came, and i enter the boggy. Really can’t study. I opened BHAGAVAD GITA – English. I started reading it. Time after time its make me calm. Something make me happy was, its something good that THE THIEF taken it. Instead of being hate it, its may the journey that KNOWLEDGE must be to share. Like on Vedas said, KNOWLEDGE is the power. Yes, may i can’t listen everyday Bhagavad Gita on 3 Languages on my MOBILE PHONE again. At least i started reading. Thought i never really understand what THEY told in HINDI or SANSKRIT audio. Reading in ENGLISH on paper, there is something feeling that flowing like a water.
Hope those 4GB MEMORY with VEDAS SUTRA knowledge help them in FUTURE. Thought i must feel our life still much better than DEATH.

Nobody knows how is FUTURE will be. A lesson may become the power of yours. I really missing FRIENDS on daily words. Call in the midnight. Alarm in the morning. MEMORY is MEMORY and DREAMS i have to take it back on me! LOST MOBILE PHONE & BHAGAVAD GITA.

LOST – its about something that we must FORGIVE
Its may something behind these. HOPE ALL IS WELL

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