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Crime and Social Networking


Everybody knew that crime can be happen when there is any chance for do it. The most important things is about privacy, as reported on []Government-backed research for the Get Safe Online week found 25% of the 10.8 million Britons registered with networking websites expose information such as contact details or dates of birth on their online “profiles”.” Therefore, we must wisely when posting our profile at any Social Networking Site.

Social Networking

Its may become another phenomena since Social Networking as one of Web 2.0 technology, which given chance family, friend and even new friends and all people whole in world able to connected. We may review several of Best Rank on Social Networking Site and based on Alexa Rank as follow.


These site is something phenomenal since its story, as on movie Social Network have told about.
[]  #10
Not much different with Facebook, here Twitter have more possibility which even integrated on Linkedin site.
Social Networking even give a chance to meet lot of career opportunity, since these is a site for professional together.
People whose love entertainment love to join these community.
[] #102
These site which based in China as  many Chinese whose even have difficulty when accessing Facebook, looks have their lovely ones.
These site which developed by Google itself. Its may have  its great deal in India since its still become favorite site.
[] #150
Its may has its trends before Facebook become booming. Its still on good interest even.
[] #218
Here we do organize around your favorite cause. Build a hub for your online activity. Have a deeper conversation in a space all your own.
[] #518
The place that you can “Do, learn, share, and change something” here.
Friendster is the social gaming destination of choice. Connect and play with your friends and share your progress to your network.
Overall, Crime and Social Networking (Web 2.0) its might be an impact of technology. Later we may worried than hope that what will be on Web 3.0. So be care of Profile Privacy and Safety when you are in Social Networking to avoid Crime.

-Tenaya Santika

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