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Acceptance of Live- in relationships in India

With increasing live- in relationships in India, the Supreme Court three judge panel has agreed to the fact that there is no offence in living together. The society that has been driven with age old traditions and ethics is now changing drastically.

I believe there will be people who will evolve with time but their would be still families that will never give the acceptance to this culture.

The Times of India article on: Live-in relationship, pre-marital sex not an offence: SC

Has buzzed the culture with it’s unfolding traditional values and ethics.

I personally believe that being in live- in is not wrong but our roots of origination do not permit it completely and hence you face repercussions from the society. It’s a way of escaping marriage and get over with the responsibilities that it brings alongwith family commitments. The question comes here is of the children that are born to such couples as they are not getting their ancestral rights. What if the couples separates later and choose not to be together??

Today’s live in relationships is the most comfortable relationship that youngsters want to be in as they get to live with the person they love or like probably would be the right word….

Unlike marriage, live- in do not give you any kind of security as you can walk away without undergoing the hassles of divorce which in itself is a tedious task. It’s difficult to interpret as to what extent this relationship will be given weightage in India but surely with the changing time we are evolving.

It’s beautiful to be with the one you love in life but then the question is how much justice you give to that love when you walk out of a relationship??

Priyanka Saxena

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