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Hiring Handbook: Easy way of understand Hiring

“Hiring Handbook” by Vijay Anand

This book “Hiring Handbook” gives you a complete learning experience on the overall recruitment activities on an easy to understand method. The aim of the book is to bridge and convert your theoretical experience into practical experience. It explains the needed basic skills to start your Hiring career and it helps you to be a Successful Recruiter. 

It is a first of its kind “Hiring Handbook” across the globe and best guide for people who are passionate taking Recruitment as their career. It is a complete package of practical experience which will be useful for Recruiters in both Corporate and Recruitment Agency Environment. It gives you the first hand information on your day to day hiring life and adds value to your hiring. 

This Book guides you on the following topics: 
“Recruitment Life Cycle”
“Recruitment Planning” 
“Market Mapping”
“Sourcing Methods” 
“Screening Methods” 
“Types and Methods of Interview” 
“Selection Process” 
“Offer Process” 
“Joining or On-Boarding” 
“Recruitment Policy” 
“KRA of a Recruiter” 
“Practical Hiring”

Author : Vijay Anand

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