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Yometa.Com – Search Everywhere At Once

Yometa gives people a service which is practicality in itself: letting us search the three main engines of the day at once. These are Google, Bing and Yahoo, in case you have been locked in a cupboard for the last 10 years and you have just come out of it.

Well, Yometa makes for searching the three of them at the very same time. You are not required to set down or tweak anything. You launch a search, and all three sites be scoured. And the results will be presented in a way that is easy on the eye.
Yometa favors a non-linear, visual approach to results. Everything is placed in a way that makes for relating content much quickly, as results occupy adjacent spaces and you can begin learning exactly which engine is preferable when it comes to specific issues.
Because Google, Bing and Yahoo do produce different results. And that is something many are not really aware of. Well, the reasons enumerated above turn Yometa into the perfect context for getting to realize that.
The essential idea behind is to present the most relevant search results, based on the combination of website rankings by the top 3 search engines ? Google, Bing and Yahoo?and to present these results in a visually compelling manner that illustrates how they rank on the three engines simultaneously.

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