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Tips to Get the Chances Increased to Get Selected In Interview

Prepare Well: Prepare your folder well and arrange all the certificates properly. Usually you need: Copies of your educational and experience certificates, Resume, Application (sent to the company) and avoid taking irrelevant documents.

Wear Proper Clothes: Wear a jacket, ride your bike and appear before the board like your favorite hero but you end up becoming a villain. You must wear clean & ironed formal dress to woo the board and don’t forget to polish your shoes.

Control Your Nervousness: This is one of the biggest hurdle even highly talented people fail in the interviews because of nervousness. Nervousness is stored mental energy and you can use it in a positive manner:
1. Concentrate in preparing and forget every other thing.
2. Be well dressed, it will boost your confidence.
3. Eat light food because it will help you feel relaxed.
4. Act confidently even if you feel lack of confidence.
5. Reach the Venue 15-20 minutes before interview, and be confident.
6. Be brave and take it as a challenge which you have to achieve.

Speak Well: A candidate must have good command over language, correct pronunciation and grammar, good store of vocabulary and avoid answers in brief. Whenever you are asked to tell about yourself avoid telling your introduction in brief. You should always tell some important introductory lines about yourself like your name, age, qualification, experience, strengths, aim etc. Unless you are asked to give brief introduction don’t introduce yourself briefly.

Never Show Cleverness: Many candidates try to act cleverly before interview board because every company needs sincere and hard-working employees. If you don’t know the answer of any question just say I don’t know. Never criticize anyone while speaking and always be polite and clear in your speaking. After finishing your interview always say the board ‘thanking you very much’ whether your interview has been good or bad.

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