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Smart tips to score great fashion, even on a budget

If most of us are given a billion dollars – most of us are likely to spend a good chunk of the money on building an enviable wardrobe and fill them with products from luxury brands that people only dream of. But none of us are being offered a billion dollars nor are we saving up to buy the products from the luxury brands we can only dream of.

Let’s face it – fashion is an expensive affair, and most of us really have to prioritise between what we want and need. Here’s a relief for you – it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, you read it right, it doesn’t. We are here to arm you with a few smart strategies that will help you shop smart and spend smarter! Read on and accumulate all the wisdom because what we are about to tell you is truly worth your time.

  • Look for deals and offers

Thanks to the e-commerce boom and emerging platforms that sell clothes and merchandize online, you will always be able to find a good deal or offer. Be it a cashback offer or even one of those many coupons that get you a deal. Most websites also have a deal sweetener for first-time customers – so all you need is an email id and phone number that you haven’t used before!

  • Buy preowned fashion

The West has a culture and a warm liking for preowned clothes – they make a lot of sense to people on a budget as the products are quality assured and come only after going through a stringent hygiene check. In India though, we get a little squeamish – but this should not be the case as preowned clothes can be just as good if not better than new clothes. In fact if you shop for preowned fashion from sites like Kiabza.com you are sure to find preowned clothes from big names at small prices.

  • Invest in a tailor

Sometimes, buying preowned fashion can have many perks, apart from just the price of the product. The thing with preowned clothes is like an unplanned meeting – sometimes you find a great product, sometimes you don’t. Thankfully fashion is about the fit and not the brand, so even if you find something that you can alter make sure to hit the buy button before anyone else does. Get is altered to your taste, and a tailor can even add frills and trimming to help you achieve a new look all together.

  • Hunt the best discounts

Sometimes, well most of times, the actual discounts aren’t announced. You’ll find them tucked away on the corner of the website. Be a smart online shopper and look for these discounts. Yes, fashion changes every season but style is timeless – so invest in pieces that resonate with your style. We are sure you’ll find a great piece at an amazing discount.

  • Learn how to bargain

Bargaining is an art for all, but a necessity for people chasing fashion on a budget. Believe it or not, social media sites like Instagram could be your next shopping destination. Use the #ShopMyLook and bargain your way into buying a new wardrobe!

Here’s hoping you find the best of fashion with minimalistic efforts.

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