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Bollywood movies as course material for students – trend or requirement ?

Bollywood, the nickname for Hindi film industry, is not just creating films for entertainment with all that masala stuff but its depicting lessons for life. Some of them are great inspiration for the society as well as acts as an unflattering mirror to our ever changing society.The influence and effect of Bollywood has impacted so much that some of the renowned B-schools of India have started implementing some of the Bollywood movies as study materials for the students. Now let us which are all the institutions have taken Bollywood as their study materials and what were its after affects on the students.

The Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB) selected Bollywood films such as Manthan, Swades and Chak De as a study material for its students. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) are planning shortly to start the first-ever course based on Bollywood. Approval and confirmation from director of ‘Fashion’ Madhur Bhandarkar have also shown great interest in this matter.

Entertainment as a part of present day exercise in academics, acts as a helping chain for the students and get a better feel of ‘Community Mobilization and Institution Building. Now we will look into those movies which have not only set great examples in dealing with entrepreneurial skills and hardships but have also sent meaningful messages to the society.

Lagaan – This movie focused about on how to deal challenges, skill and unskilled team management, over confidence, team building, willingness to win, Do or die sprit, Jealousy, Ego handling, and Emotions management.

Baghban – The movie was reflected on Finance management, Presentation skills and Public speaking skills.

Fashion – This movie was all about on how to deal success and failures in carrier. It also showed how to digest success, sustain suc,acheiving success, how to raise from one’s failure, Systems prevailing in each industry, leader is never the best performer and willingness to comeback and regain the bygone glory.

Swades – This movie was only depicted on Giving importance to Nation first, Building a team in a village, Love formotherland, Resistance and change management and Imbalance in world and society.

Gandhi – The movie taught on how to balance different roles, Mission accomplishment, Values and Principles, Decision making and Leadership through demonstration.

Munnabhai M.B.B.S – This movie set an example on how a person without any education just by some basic principles how one can achieve success in a courier. Some of the key messages were effects due to place and position, power of positive attitude, Interpersonal communication and relationship, Applicable learning, Positive affirmations and People perform their best in what they like even in all odds.

Chake De India – The movie was all about how to build a successful team. The movie depicted on Goal Achievement, Team building, Team management, Team spirit, Role of seniors, Focus, Talent management, Organizational goal versus, Individual goals, Sacrifice and win.

Taare Zameen Par – The movies was focused on concepts like Role of academic institutions, Power of creativity,Coaching leadership, Creative visualization, Out-of-box thinking, Effects of comparison and Value addition to the education system.

Waqt – This movie was depicted on Conflict between perception and communication, Gap between intention and communication, Effects of miss communication, No alternative to hard work, Demonstration of devotion and Success never comes overnight.

Lakshya – This movie was focused on Mission statement, Goal achievement, Willingness to do and achieve and Inner driven leadership.

At last we can conclude that learning through films is actually very helpful because they reflect the society and it also tends to understand the societal dynamics through movies. So in the coming days we tend to look forward more carriers oriented movies so that it sets a right example to the society as well as for the students too.

Source: Global Shiksha

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