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Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing Using WAPT

Why most of the manual testers fail when testing websites for performance? There are couple of reasons.
– They don’t have proper tools to test website for performance and
– They don’t have required skills for performance testing.

Does that mean you should wait till your stakeholder report the performance glitches in web application you developed? Definitely not. Many testers are good at testing websites manually and they report almost every defect while testing under standard tests. BUT, when same tester performs load or stress tests they stuck either at resource (required tools) or skill level.

I suggest not to take any risk if you are committed to defect free service. Ask for required tools and train your staff for necessary skills. Today, I’m going to review load, stress and performance testing tool for websites. The tool is called WAPT – Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing – a cost effective and easy to learn web load testing tool.

WAPT allows you to perform website load and performance testing by creating heavy load from a single or multiple workstations. When you set and run your tests with this tool within a matter of minutes you can get performance report of your website or web application. WAPT uses powerful virtual users same as the real world users with full control over how to customize these virtual users.

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