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How Sleep Well

How Sleep Well

Nowadays, many people can’t even able to sleep since lot of tension on facing of
problem on this life. Whoever you’re a priest, politician, businessman, student,
teacher, parents, children and others. We can’t avoid these life tension. However, we
have to have good rest so that we can have better life tomorrow. Don’t you have seen
a person whose don’t slept about a week. They may looks so tired and unhappy ? Its
all about the energy of happiness somehow came after our recovery from rest-less.
Its about one of my experience how to slept well without even any dream
come into. As student many of us don’t even like to read our subject. Its may common
for student while reading will sleep. It’s a life also like that, its some person call it
meditation. For us, student life is about slept well while reading book on the bed. It’s
doesn’t mean that bad at all. It’s taught us something that, we people have different
way to meditate. If you’re a businessman it’s might different way to do. If you like to
have sleep well every night, so please have the guidance here as some ideas to follow [].
If we used to tell others ‘sleep well’ and now before we sleep, it’s our right to
tell ourselves ‘sleep well’. Hope ‘sleep well’ be one of our daily routines.

-Tenaya Santika-

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