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RIP Brave Heart !!!

Nothing will make up for what we lost today.
Our country,our democracy,our faith and pride…everything died today.
But.Its a cruel world.Insensitive.Short sighted.Suffers memory loss every now and then.This time though,I know our souls are shaken.I know what happened that night will not let any of us sleep in peace again.I know none of us will ever be able to salute the Tricolour and be proud of belonging to India.
I wish she had lived on…I wish she had taught us a lil more. I wish we’d seen her walking on the roads,fearless,with her head held high…may be then we would’ve not felt so dead.
No amount of protest or crying will bring her soul any peace.
Her death should be the beginning of a Revolution. Why are we still holding a candle. Why are we still signing petitions…
When will really wake up! Or will we go back home now and forget about it in a while…and then may be another girl will have to lose her life to open our eyes…

I feel brain dead,even writing this.I feel like that’s it.Its the end of humanity…I feel like she left us all naked.
When I walk out on the road again,I should be scared..I should hurry back home and not meet anyone’s eye.
I shouldn’t help an old man in need..I shouldn’t help someone blind cross the road..I shouldn’t smile back at someone,or say hi..or ask for directions..
Has it all really come to an end? Has she really died?

So what do I do now? To conclude my small,meaningless and naive condolence to her?
Do I beg for a revolution?
Will that bring her peace!
Do I abuse the politicians?
Will that bring her peace!
Do I ask for the rapists to be tortured to death?
Will that bring her peace!!

Or do I say…RIP ?

Nothing.Nothing will bring her peace.
But I hope she’s been able to leave in each of us,the soul of a Revolutionist.

We will be the leaders.
We will save Our country now!


Mridul Mahajan

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