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Religious and Spiritual Life in India

Religious, and learn spiritual on the journey..

I am newman as people used to called me. I was born as Hindusm, and i like it. Its just something that we’re not agree about sometimes. Its happened in Bali Island, Indonesia. Its another story when I landed in India, as we knew majority is Hindusm. I met some friends from different religion and its just like that, somehow we have debate. I was thinking what is the purposes of these debate. If only i knew the reason may i will do more debates. Unfortunately, even when I knew it, I won’t do debate. Its not mine whose like to debate about religion, and its the time to repeat again that ”I prefer being without religion and Its doesn’t mean I don’t believe to God.  Yes it just  I am more happy and peace by mention it. Its much better when if only I don’t have a religion and keep do my way without any expectation as we used asked to God on our pray.Its was my first experience when I was High School student, knew about Atheism. The world war which happening because of religion issues make me anger and hate these things.  Unfortunately, its won’t be happen in my country and its will be my end of the day when I sign on my certificate that “Atheism”

Its may i still visited Hindu temple in India, and its not like when i was in Bali Island. India just introduce something that more than of religion as we can call it, spiritual. I met many people from different way, and have learnt something about it.

1. Eckankar:  the place when i knew how to chant HU its a place  and “the purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart. The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.” [Eckankar]

2. Taoism: its just a couple of days before when i knew more about it and its mission “To initiate harmony in life so that
the world becomes more  comfortable and beautiful to live in.” [Taoism]

3. Brahma  Kumaris:   its somehow just God plan that with whom we met, and right its happened on my life. When i met a person whose my neighbour, and he introduce me more about these. Its the way how we will meet God, as here we “Learn to return yourself to a state of peace. Om Shanti. Is it that by receiving God’s love we can remain peaceful?” [Brahma  Kumaris]

Yes and they are lot of spiritual issues happening, and in the end its just back to ourselves do we feel of peace and happiness ? Yes, its will always become repetition that its must be without any expectation that we should be in free of mind. Spiritual journey of mine will be available on book store or on the theatre. So please just wait and see without expectation, with best smiling.

-Tenaya Santika –

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