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Google News updated with deeper Google+ integration

Google news now updated and you can easily see the changes in U.S. edition of the page. Google+ is easily broadcast Google news across the world. Google added some new features on top of headline either it local, national and international news. It includes three news features. The page heavily augments “Full Coverage” page with “Real time Coverage” and “Highly Cited” to adding lastest updates and most popular sources to each story. The first feature is aesthetic update that includes some thumbnail images which automatically expand when you click on the topic. Second is coverage in real time. Real time coverage page is available for every news story as soon as they become available for Google News. So user can easily get real time news. The third features of Google news is integrated with Google+ activity. Google also wrote in blog that “many news stories inspired by discussion on g+, and now we starting to add content on news home page and real time coverage pages”.

Google news wills conversation with your circle and other important people. You interact with g+ to stories presented by Google news. Now this option is off. If user signed in to Google+ and you are accessing the U.S edition of Google News. You do not have access Google+ when you login on Google News; you have to sign out of Google or turn off the display of Google+ posts in the Google News settings page.

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