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Freedom251.com—“Ringing Bell” is a scam or what?

thequint-2016-02-5925103b-3464-429f-a44b-61fd91027ea7-PhonesA viral message floats in social site that “Beware the scam- Ringing bell company doing fraud in the name of giving smart phone in just Rs. 251 only”. Is it Possible? Possibly yes, because Indian cellular association (ICA) has decided a budget for selling smart phone in a market is minimum Rs. 2,700. So, it is not a possible offer that a company provide smart phone only Rs rupee 251 only.

Ringing Bell is a start up organization only four to five month ago by amity university graduate Mohit kumar Goel, Dhaama Geol, Anmol Geol and the CEO of the company Ashok Chadda, launched the smart phone yesterday and sale out the smart phone today morning at 6AM online at ultra lowest rate only Rs. 251. But the huge interest of customer, the website gets more traffic and got crashed.

Ringing Bell company possibly cheat the online customer. Because the report by Hindustan times, that ringing bell rebranded ripoff phone that lauched by Adcom Company before 2 years ago. It is a Adcom A400, that rebranded without the permission of Adcom Company and reselling in a market at lowest price, which a customer never think that they receive smart phone only Rs. 251. And the most smart thing ringing bell had done that, the “logo of Adcom hidden by the whitner”.

Second thing is that the specification of phone mention in the website will be pre-loaded with several apps such as Swatch Bharat, Women Safety Application, Facebook, Whatsapp and more. But the review unit did not support this type of application.

www.freedom.com website of the company Ringing bell try to done fraud with the online customer.

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