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The Dharma Meeting

Three Days Dharma Meeting

It’s was about my lucky days, since able to attend the Dharma Meeting at HongCi
in Bangalore as located at Austin Town [map location], which quite nearby to my home. Actually two of my friends will come in those schedule time. First, it’s about they have another schedule direct to another place not in Bangalore. Second, it’s his postponed schedule of interview to another week. It’s just some of them. Here what I have learnt may quite different to boring class that I used slept before at college. It’s might sometimes boring once, anyhow lot of knowledge we can adopt here. It’s about Filial Piety and Vegetarian and Pure Living Way make me much impressed about. Even we have great discussion about vegetarian. We watched how lovely animal that we used to meet on the road or zoo being killed badly at slaughterhouse. In Filial Piety topic, when we used to cried and remembering how
great love of our parents to us. These make me realize here is a home and family for me. Tao is family, since Tao is about the truths which help us to find way back to home, heaven. It’s might I can’t meet face to face to my family right now since my abroad living and studies, and their love is still being inside of my hearts. Many thanks to our teacher’s whose given dharma topics used to tell us that those days will be turning point of our life. Yes, its may true since its make me think and think always. Yes, I would like to become monk one day and it’s after I have my family grow well. Its about sometimes, we never know when we will return to home or heaven or hell. It’s not only about doing spiritual and vegetarian. It’s about time constraints which make me realize again, there is may no time for it. It’s just now, that we can’t stop doing good things for others and most are being stopping the karma or cause effect started again. However, I am just still an ordinary person which may have lot of dreams. Its just about will try become vegetarian step by step to vegetarian. It might be funny things since I’m into Ahimsa and keep eating [killing] animal souls. Thought these will be help calm down my emotional feeling in many ways, likes what my brothers used to do.

Would like to create and attend many time these kind of Dharma Meeting anywhere anytime. As my dream to become Buddha, thought its long process have to do, it’s won’t be any word again “I don’t know what to do”. Let’s we go to become Buddha and go to Nirvana together. May God bless our way.

-Tenaya Santika-,+Karnataka,+India&cid=0,0,10287587527130219939&ei=wj0WTYrPOMjmrAen6LzkCw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBUQnwIwAAmap of location

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