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Business Goes To SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

Recently competition just goes through how to get into target audience, and it is about marketing way to find out the best way to deliver the message.  Let we goes to, travel business which is one of challenging business in the world. Travelling having their different challenge which is travel Business Company has to face about, and when it is started from reservation till handling vacation.

Daily people used to awake and do travel either to school, office, or even out of state, and country through their choice of transportation. During winter holiday, or even summer holiday most of student or we can say teenager whose aged range 9 to 22 years old having their vacation either alone, friends or with family. They may online daily basis through any computer set, and how it will be possible for them when they are travelling. This question make several travel business find a way to solve it. Teenager whose the most mobile user right now may won’t be out of SMS refer to Short Message Service with their friends, it is more possibility comparing checking e-mail or even updating status on any social network. It is how we able to do business when our customer or client in travelling.

Mobile computing as we knew it is developing on many areas includes marketing. Mobile user growing fast time by time, and it is about 3A, anytime, anywhere, anyone philosophy whose make this will keep grow like a plant’s seed. Competitive price of mobile phone set increase demand of selling and buying. People from any economic background having easily to get involved on mobile computing areas and it is becoming daily basis need of personal thing, which they won’t  left even an hour, wherever they go travel.

There are two main activities used on mobile phone, either it is phone call and SMS. SMS most used by teenager as chat medium to keep conversation. Instead of easier and cheaper, it is more friendly since clear conversation can be done compare than phone call, consider to environment such as sound noise mostly.

Mobile started being used on marketing was phone call on telemarketing. These ten years, it goes to another way such as SMS marketing as well which is less budget and most comfortable technology to be used. Recently,  a company whose doing research, leads, sales, and branding just entered into a challenge of business especially in marketing keep thinking to how to make better marketing which is  improve better sales and brand at one time.

A company whose goes from direct marketing, and goes to online marketing by used of website optimization, had given detail information about company profile and service. Unfortunately, those media such as TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper having several weakness on   how the message will reach to target audience, cost, and well as retention which is become the main thing on marketing objective.  Through those comparison, we got result that SMS given best way, how it will reach target audience since it strength to demographic problem, and localization refer to language barrier. Cost, we say about a single SMS is about 160 characters and it will cost from Rs.0 to Rs.3 at India. It is all about how to make a smart SMS which make a single recipient will forward to other by themselves which is impact to brand remembered.  Therefore high rate of retention very good by used of SMS marketing, since it is given value to any recipient. Indeed you would like to know how it work, check and try on Way2SMS, 160by2.

Recently,   business company find out people’s lifestyle especially teenager  goes travelling with at least one mobile phone or even more. The trends this time is a website even have access to send SMS, and maintain their database of guest which is 50% become their customer and it is still spreading word of brand and we can call it Web to SMS.  We can assume a  registration of any memberships or news subscription which is add mobile phone number required so that company can send update, and collecting information which helping company to do research.

Internet which is e-mail becomes the most activities of people instead of browsing website. Spam e-mail easily to be move to trash right now through Spam Filter, and there are less possibility people to read. E-mail to SMS even possible to keep maintains SMS marketing. Then how it will be to SMS ones, yes it is some challenges also happened such as travel industry whose send to a teenager at another country without any permission and became a country issues. Therefore several guidance has to any business to follow to be successful on SMS marketing.

SMS marketing with clear reason or event to publicity, and let us find out  SMS marketing even goes from WEB to SMS, e-Mail  to SMS, SMS to SMS. SMS we can assume as killer application or marketing which is one place marketing. SMS become best opportunity of reaching a wide demography and localization target market, which is familiar with treated with respect.

Trough a business company experience, mobile or SMS marketing as medium which deliver return on investment and present super value for money and effective way, since 80% SMS itself to deliver brand image instead of another factor such as faster, sensitive, high response rate, low cost, easy to use, collecting information of clients, best way to get unmatched return on marketing cost.

-Tenaya Santika-

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