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Some Very Basic SEO Tips

Some very basic SEO tips:

  • Use your keyword prominently toward the beginning of the Title tag
  • Use your keyword prominently in the Description Meta tag
  • Use your toward prominently once in the Meta keyword tag. But don’t “stuff” the tag with loads of keywords. Only use the main keyword phrase plus a few synonyms. You can use misspellings if you like.
  • Use your keyword in a Heading tag
  • Don’t forget, your keyword(s) needs to be used in the body text
  • Use your keyword phrase in at least one instance of Link text
  • Keep your content focused on one phrase so that it reads well and use plenty of secondary supporting terms.
  • Remember to use your Keyword phrase as a whole phrase together
  • Work on building link popularity
  • Good descriptive text in your links build reputation
  • Avoid building up link reputation that looks unnatural or contrived.
  • For effective search engine marketing, you need more than just top rankings. Remember to include strong calls to action to compel a response from the visitor.
  • What do you want the reader to do once they finish reading your content? You need to clearly build these options into each page and leave nothing to chance.

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