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AutoRickshaw in India

AutoRickshaw in India

As all of us know that autorickshaw are quite necessary means of transport in Indian towns and cities specially in Metropolitan cities. It’s the second mean of public transport after buses and all. Well, coming to the main point here I am writing this document to let all of you know about the recent condition of these rickshaws in some of the major cities. As all of you know Govt. have assigned fixed meter charges for rickshaws in every major city. For eg. In Delhi it is 4.5 per KM, in Bangalore its 9 per KM. But how many those gets agree to go by meter charge? This is the condition now of these rickshaws that every-time they demand for extra money other than meter charge. Even in night when extra charge starts after 10pm, they just start demanding for it since 9 or 9.30. And some of us don’t even care about this and give them what they demands which increases their demands more and more day by day. And by every day they seem to break govt. rules assigns to them and they don’t even care about this sometime. I believe each and every among of us has suffered of this problem.

Recently i came across few Articles on this  Lessons to Auto Drivers, Lady Molested By Auto Driver

So this is requested to all of you who travel by auto everyday, everytime or anytime just ask the autorickshaw driver to charge only by meter and if he doesn’t get agree with it just don’t take that auto. It’s the only that we can teach a lesson to these people. Say No to Autos and Taxis

Share with us any of your incident when you suffered because of autorickshaws.

Thank You

Prateek Gupta

Source: Bangalore Mirror, Meter Jam, Hub Pages

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