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HTC Thunderbolt: Review, Features and Specification

The HTC Thunderbolt has been one of the most anticipated smart phones, as it is the first handset to use Verizon’s powerful 4G LTE network. Design-wise, the HTC Thunderbolt is a distant relative of the acclaimed HTC EVO 4G, and a sibling of the HTC Inspire 4G. It has a big, comfortable, 4.3” LCD TFT display and a rear kickstand to hold the phone while watching movies.


  • 4.3-inch WVGA display
  • 8 megapixel camera, and dual-LED flash
  • Borrows a better, crisper display with a wider viewing angle
  • Newer-generation (though still single-core) Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • Provides a cool integrated kickstand and the addition “4G” radio
  • Instead of Sprint’s WiMAX for 4G radio, the Thunderbolt grants you access to Verizon’s LTE network — a network so fresh, it still has that new-network smell
  • Google map and Facebook facilty

Design: The HTC Thunderbolt feels good in the hand although it is a little heavier than most phones. The 4.3” display is very big and pretty much the largest screen you can get for a handset.

Display: The TFT LCD large 4.3” display looks good and works well for text, photos or movies. Colors are nice, and the saturation is very decent. HTC Thunderbolt still has a much better display than the HTC EVO Shift 4G.

Photo and Video capture: The Thunderbolt captures very good photos and videos. The lag between tapping the screen and the photo actually being taken is fairly short.

The 720p video was remarkably free of artifacts or distortion — it doesn’t do continuous autofocus, but you can refocus on the fly with a tap on the screen.

Entertainment: The HTC Thunderbolt has surpassed YouTube’s capabilities by far. IT could do much better if YouTube were actually sending a DVD-quality stream.

HTC Thunderbolt will appear as a USB drive after connecting to USB port. There are also Android apps like WinAmp that can help to manage multiple files, but you’ll have to install WinAmp on your computer too.

Audio call quality: the audio quality on the Thunderbolt is OK, but not great.

Copy/paste: As I said above, HTC’s copy/paste is much better than Google’s in Android 2.2.

Web browsing (excellent): on all high-end Android phones, web browsing is very good, but the 4G speed makes web browsing truly snappy, that’s why I call it “excellent”.

Flash support: Flash 10.1 perform slightly higher, but don’t expect to watch a 720p video.

Email: HTC has “email search” – this is a big deal for everyone who gets a lot of emails, as you might need to search for key information hidden somewhere in the past 200 emails. It’s hard to believe but most Android 2.2 phones don’t have this feature.

Connectivity:  Creating a HotSpot is easy and this phone can be used as a 4G modem over USB.

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