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HTC Sensation : Review, Features and Specification

HTC Corporation launched in the market new generation smart phone in T network name as HTC sensation that based on Android2.3 ginger bread software. This mobile phone has excellent screen 960X 540 high resolution screen which display pictures smooth and attractive with which better than amoled

The 4G sensation is first HTC phone that come with new lock screen,  user  unlock the phone by simple click on the bottom button. This phone has very well for capturing photo and videos. HTC Sensation 4G, just like other Android phones, can be mounted as a USB disk on your computer. That makes it extremely easy to copy files, and it is fair to assume that the large majority of computer users know to copy files from disk to disk.

This phone is based on 1.2 GHz dual-core processor that facilitates web browsing, downloading and uploading any content,. Htc also supported 1 GB internal storage, 768 MB RAM, micro SD, up to 32GB, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, with A-GPS support.



  • Htc mobile capture eye catching video and photos  at any where anytime
  • Facilitates user to share your content on you tube and any other networking site directly from your mobile phone
  • Provides fastest web browsing  and downloading speed


Manufacted description:


System performance: Htc uses a Qualcomm’s MSM8X60 system on a chip. It’s a 3rd generation Snap Dragon chip, and it has two central processing cores (CPU), a graphics processor (GPU) and a host of other co-processors.


WI- FI technology: WiFi router as your personal cell tower. When calling via WIFI, the voice data is transported over the Internet to the T-Mobile network, that then uses its normal cellular network to transport it to the final destination


Mobile hot spot:  this is the easiest way to share your Internet connection. User  simply go in the settings, enable the Mobile Hotspot feature, and setup a password, and that’s it – you can connect to it from your laptop.

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