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Finding roommate and rented accommodation – Grabhouse

Grabhouse is an online portal helping people find roommates and rented accommodation. People can list their room with photos, amenities and neighborhood information by filling a form or by using an android mobile app which fetches the location of the house and thus verifies the address of the property. The mobile app also gives real time notifications about people showing interest in the property. The website also has a section called roomseeker’s profile where people offering rooms can scan the profiles quickly and get in touch with compatible roommates instantly.

The highlights of the product are –

1)      First of its kind, compatible roommate finder. Grabhouse offers to take a compatibility test with prospective roommates that takes into consideration the nature, habits and preferences of people. Before starting living together people can get to know how well they can get along with each other and this also pulls out awkward confrontations from first meeting. This compatibility algorithm was carefully drafted after a survey conducted on 1000 youngsters keeping in mind all their preferences.

2)      Social connect – Grabhouse uses social media websites to help people find roommates from friends’ network. It also lets people know more about roommates so that they are not complete strangers.

3)      0% brokerage – Grabhouse tries to connect people directly without a middleman. This saves 8.3% of annual rent which people pay as brokerage.


Whose and What problems?

When youngsters move to metro cities, they face a lot of problems while looking for a house. Paying high brokerage burns a deep hole in the pockets of young professionals who are just starting their career. Add to that exhorbitant rent which makes it feasible to share the house with a roommate. Fake listings on the existing portals without any photos and amenities mentioned clearly increase the time spent in searching a house. But living with a stranger is a challenge of its own kind. Hence, we wanted to ease all this by building a brokerage free site for finding compatible roommates.

Our product saves money, time and trouble of house hunter. The mobile app ensures photos for every listing and verified address so that their is no fake listing. The compatibility test and social connect are two features which have been incorporated for the first time in a real estate website. The compatibility test brings in a comfort level and confidence about a new roommate as it gives a basic idea about the person’s lifestyle. Social connect lets people find roommates from their friends’ network and get their opinion about roommates. Soon we will also be launching an extension of social connect through which people can also check areas where their friends hangout or stay.


Prateek Shukla (Co-founder/CEO), an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, worked as core team member of bluegape.com, an online fan merchandising store.


Pankhuri Shrivastava (Co-founder/CMO), a computer science engineer from RGTU, Bhopal, has worked with Teach for India for two years. She is also a Startup Leadership Program alumnus.


Ankit Singhal (Co-founder/CTO), an alumnus of IIT Delhi, worked with BOI before co-founding Grabhouse

The vision to spread happiness among house hunters is finally taking shape.

Grabhouse on googleplay store.

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