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Crucial Tips to get more Business

Word of Mouth – You don’t need to spend billions in drumming about your products, if you can get your own customers to talk about it. The age-old Marketing mantra of customer referral ‘by word-of-mouth’ holds good even today. Word of Mouth marketing is just about the cheapest thing you can do to boost your business. But this works on the premise that a satisfied customer would bring in another fellow customer. so the bottom-line is, keep your customer happy. Impress them, and they’ll tell everyone they know. But there are more aggressive tactics you can use – ask everyone to know.


Mobile Outlet Marketing – Many upcoming entrepreneurs have also found rural markets to be very receptive grounds when it comes to launching a marketing blitzkrieg. The rural activation system rolls out through mobile vans popularizing products, extending service and acting as mobile outlets. The actual scope of each mobile visit to small cities or rural outposts varies from company to company and is spaced across a few months, The mobile outlets provide hands-on training to local mechanics in the case of a two-wheeler, who in turn would cater to customer requirements when the mobile station has exited from the scene. Customer Service or care camps also prove to be useful marketing promos for rising entrepreneurs.


Offer a first time Incentives – Offer your prospects something significant. So, if they do like your product or service, they’ll be inclined to take a decision now, rather than wait a few days or put off the decision indefinitely. First-time incentives might include “Get 10 percent off with your purchase, you will receive one free hour of consultation.


Offer a 100 percent guarantee – Let your customer know their satisfaction is guaranteed. A good return policy minimizes customer objections and shows that you believe in your product or service. Product guarantees should be unconditional and should not include hidden clause, like “guaranteed for only 30 days.”  You can use a guarantee even if you are selling a service: “Satisfaction guaranteed. You’ll be thrilled with our service or we’ll redo it at our expense.”


Don’t wait for Customers to find you online – Rather than purchasing an e-mail list for mass, impersonal advertising, spend some time trolling the Web, looking for businesses that have some sort of connection to your own business. Then, write them a personalized e-mail telling them why you think they should build a business relationship with you. Such letters have a high tendency to get answered because they are personal.


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