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How to Acquire Business Leadership Skills

To be a good business leader, one needs to develop an articulated vision. Do not imbibe a rigid, ‘one size -fits all’ approach to leadership. Learn the leadership principles, adopt them, modify and re-modify them with your one-of-a-kind style, unique values and individual strengths. The following are some pointers to effective Business Leadership:

– One should treat people with respect and concern.
– The leader should create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.
– The leader should go up and down and around the organization to reach people.
– One should not stick to the established channels.
– One should be informal and straight with people.
– The leader should assess others and their emotions or experience in response to your vision and the courses of action. One should be compassionate.
– The leader should be inspirational for others and lead them to where they want to be.
– One should develop the “art of listening”.
– One should acquire effective communication skills and also be proficient in conversations with others.
– One should be “emotionally intelligent”, i.e. recognize and manage your moods as well as the moods of others.

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